Laura D., tenant, Tampa

“The first time I came to view apartments through Versaggi Realty was at the end of 2010. I needed to find a one bedroom for my small dog and myself quite quickly. I met Jessica at the Versaggi office off of Westland Avenue and immediately fell in love with the apartments. I love the historical significance of each building and especially the vintage appeal. I happily lived there for a little less than a year when my job transferred me to a different location. I was very sad to leave. In a way, I felt like the Versaggi Property team had taken me in as a member of their family.

In 2012 I relocated again and immediately thought of Versaggi Realty. I called and spoke with Jessica about getting into any available apartment as soon as possible. I will admit I looked at different properties, but none compared with the professionalism and family-feel of Versaggi. Jessica informed me that they would not have anything open for a month, but I didn’t care, I was willing to wait. I was even willing to wait knowing I would have to live with my parents for that month. Finally the time came and I was able to move into my new apartment with Versaggi. I have been back now for 2 months and I love it just as I did before. Being in the Property Management industry myself, I know how challenging it is to keep up the units and to appease each resident; but somehow Versaggi does it and does it well. I’m happy to be home again.”